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PlayStation Underground
Background Data
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment Developed By: Sony Computer Entertainment Released: 1998
Barcode: No Barcode PSRM: 009340 / 009350 ID Tag: SCUS - 94237 / 94238
CDs: 2 CDs Players: 1 ESRB: None
Accessories: Memory Card Size: 577 / 379 MB Digital Press Rarity: Currently Being Researched

The first of Volume 2 in the PlayStation Underground Series.

The following can be found on Disc 1.

  • Debriefing
    • Kaz Hirai - North American PSX Head Honcho speaks
  • Behind the Scenes
    • Gran Turismo unleashed
  • Event Center
    • Comic-Con
    • The PlayStation Truck
  • Download Station
    • Ghost in the Shell - 8 of 17 Cinemas Unlocked
    • VS. - 4 Bosses Unlocked
    • Parappa the Rapper - All Levels Unlocked
  • Reseach and Development
    • Underground exclusive focuses on software development.
  • Tech Q+A
    • How do Imported games make it to North America?
  • Code Archive
  • Bulletins
  • Imports
    • Breath of Fire (video)
    • Puyo Puyo Sun (demo)
  • Pay close attention to the Gran Turismo video. In one of the shots, you see the Japanese equivalent of a Crash Bandicoot poster.

  • This is the infamous "MST3K" issue where the cast members were given earlier opening movies from past Underground discs and get to rip them apart in true MST3K fashion. 

  • Puyo Puyo Sun, though never released in America on the PlayStation, was brought over on the Genesis under the disguise of Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

  • During the Q+A session, when the beta-tester is playing Einhander, you see two US Debug systems with the original Dual Analog controller in the player's hands.
  • On Disc 2
    • Play
      • Hot Shots Golf
      • Bloody Roar
      • Spawn the Eternal
      • NCAA GameBreaker '98
      • One
      • Command & Conquer: Red Alert   

    • Video
      • NBA ShootOut '98
      • Saga Frontier
      • Nagano Olympics
      • Vigilante 8



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