Land Before Time: Great Valley Race Adventure, The
Background Data
Published By: TDK Developed By: The Visionscape Released: April 2nd, 2001
Barcode: 7 39069 61001 0 PSRM: 019610 ID Tag: SLUS-01213
CDs: 1 Players: 1 to 2 Players ESRB: Everyone
Accessories: Memory (1 Block), Analog, Vibration Size: ? Megs Digital Press Rarity: 2 out of 10

Dino Fun On The Run!

From the wonder of the Great Valley's Grasslands to the Challenge of its caves, get ready to dodge, jump, run, leap, and grab Treestars as you set the pace in the most incredible prehistoric 3D race ever!

A very sloppy and uncomfortable racing game. You're automatically always moving forward; you focus on steering left and right, plus jumping. This causes a very weird depth-of-perception trick that causes you to judge certain turns all wrong since you can't 'brake' per se. A far cry from the more successful attempt with Big Water Adventure.

  • Two of the three TLBT games are Adventures...including this one...which is a racing game. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Lani Minella is the only voice talent credited in the game. She's actually a very busy voice actress and casting director.
  • Loosely based off of the film / cartoon series of the same name. Unlike the other two games, this is not attached to any actual production.

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