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Kartia: The Word of Fate
Background Data
Published By: Atlus Developed By: Atlus Released: July 1998
Barcode: None PSRM: 010600 (See Variant) ID Tag: SLUS - 00631
CDs: 1 Players: 1 or 2 Players (Versus) ESRB: Everyone (Animated Violence, Mild Language)
Accessories: Memory (2 Blocks) Size: 441 MB Digital Press Rarity: 4 out of 10

Description / Review
Atlus is probably one of the weirdest companies in the Gaming industry. Over the last few years, they have quietly released some of the most inspiring and fan-loved Role-Playing Games ever to be seen. Kartia is no different.

The game's US namesake refers to the magical paper that creates cards fighters use in battle. Branching out from the 5 elements, users can combine Kartia cards into various items. For example, a Fire Kartia combined with a Weapon Kartia will create a Flame based sword.  An entire sub-system of card combining and trading is buried within the disc, and fans of experimenting will get a huge kick out of this item-based mischief making.

In terms of game play, we have a turn based, grid style strategy RPG. You choose between two characters and follow their storyline for over 30 hours of goodness.


  •  Kartia, like Eggs of Steel, was originally released as a rental exclusive to Blockbuster Video. See Variants below for more details.
    • The BB Version's PSRM Number is 010600.
    • The Retail Release PSRM Number is 010601.

  • Fan favorite Yoshitaka Amano, who did many of the early Final Fantasy character and creature designs, lent his talent for Kartia's roster.

  • Released in Japan as Rebus.

  • If you have friends with the game, you can both use your Memory Cards in the same system to trade artifacts and Kartia, or even battle each other!




Greatest Hits
Kartia was never released as a Greatest Hits.
Variations / Misprints
The original Kartia was released as a Blockbuster exclusive rental. This version did not have the foil stamping that forms the title on the cover. This variation is shown below.


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