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007: Tomorrow Never Dies
Background Data
Published By: Electronic Arts Developed By: Black Ops Entertainment Released: 1/1/2000
Barcode: 0 14633 09749 8 PSRM: 014800 (See Variants Below) ID Tag: SLUS - 00975 (See Variants Below)
CDs: 1 Players: 1 Player ESRB: Teen (Animated Blood, Animated Violence, Suggestive Themes)
Accessories: Memory (1 Block), Analog, Vibration Size: 476 Megs Digital Press Rarity: 1 out of 10

     As suave secret agent 007, employ your cunning wit and high-tech gadgets to survive multiple levels of espionage based on exciting situations from the blockbuster film, including challenging shooting, driving, and skiing game modes. Your mission will be dangerous, but you can handle it. After all, you're Bond...James Bond.

     Based on the movie of the same name, 007: TND expands the film's storyline to include missions of how you got various places, as well as do battle there. Included are the terrorist meeting camp, Carver's Newspaper Printing Plant, and more.


  •  Contains most of the original movie opening's visuals, with the game's creators replacing the movie crew. Interestingly enough, these come in at the same time as they do in the movie; right after you escape with the fighter jet.

  • None of the movie actors or actresses took part in this game's voice over work. Pierce Brosnan was used only for the cover and film footage.

  • Conan O'Brien's "Triumph, The Insulting Comic Dog" is mentioned in the Special Thanks section of the credits as "Triumph, TICS"

Greatest Hits
This game was released as Greatest Hits.

Of note on the Greatest Hits package is EA's revised logo, and the new serial of SLUS-00975GH and longer Copyright info on the disc.


Variations / Misprints
     During the closing months of the PlayStation's lifespan, when it could still be considered having life, Sony authorized the release of "Collector's Edition" Bundle packs. There were 11 Collector's Sets and 2 'Twin Sets' sent out.
007: Tomorrow Never Dies was released in the Electronic Arts Collector's Edition: Action pack alongside Medal of Honor and 007: Racing.


The games are exactly the same content wise, but the packaging and artwork received makeovers. The CE version of the game will have the white CD face, the PS banner is white, and on the back the barcode is replaced by a small square that reads, "Part of Set. Not to be sold separately."

The CE also now has the ID of SLUS-00975CE and the PSRM is 014804. The 4 designates it as part of a set. 


PlayStation 2 Compatibility - Fast Load
     All times are rounded up to the nearest second. Tests are performed on a PlayStation 2 Slim Line with 1.11 PS Drivers.


Boot Screen to Title - 4 sec

Briefing to Level - 17 sec


Boot Screen to Title -  2 sec*

Briefing to Level - 11 sec*

     *NOTE: The Fast Load option causes the music to skip frantically, rendering it incompatible with this game.

     Game loaded  fine with both options turned on, but the music was still choppy and erratic.

PlayStation 2 Compatibility - Smooth
     With the smooth option on, TND gets a somewhat decent new look, but holy heck does it help in the resolution. It becomes easier to see characters in the distance, especially with the sniper rifle.

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